Tell me about Cein!

CEIN is a brand that creates authentic vegan bags by bringing traditional handicrafts into modern-day essentials. We use high-quality raw and natural materials. Furthermore, the bags are processed using traditional techniques by the local artisans.

Details Product

What materials

We use original Rattan and the highest grade of leatherette which is flexible and thick!

Are your products Vegan?

Yes! Our products are all vegan

What is the warranty for Cein items? 

We have a one month warranty against defects for all products. If you find a defect in your item, we will repair or exchange the item free of cost within one month of the purchase date. This does not apply to normal wear and tear such as scuffs, chips, or peels in the materials, stains, and changes in the appearance of the product which do not impair the functionality of the product.

Where is Cein made?

Cein are made in a small home, family-owned in Indonesia. As an Indonesia founder, it felt most comfortable for me to manufacture close to home and support the local industry. Cein recruited local craftsmen from West Java to participate in the manufacturing process. The rattan itself we bought directly from Jepara and is woven by a community of women. For those who make the bag patterns, my Dad himself made everything! My Dad self-taught learned to make the pattern. Apart from that he was the one who made the paint for the bags, and also acompanied me on trips to look the materials.

Billing & Payment

What are the payment methods available to order CEIN?

For now we only accept PAYPAL and Bank Transfer

I didn't get a Payment confirmation in my email inbox. 

Please wait 1x24 hours upon your transaction. If you still haven't received any payment confirmation, please reach us at or DM on Instagram @cein.goods