How this Brand was made

How this Brand was made

Hi! I want to share a story about how this brand was made. This idea was formed when I, Ovi, was working in Malaysia at the time. To be honest, initially, because I watched Korean daily vlogs, I often saw them buying furniture made from rattan.


Apart from that, when I worked in Malaysia, I liked decorating my room, so I was interested in buying items related to rattan. After that, the idea arose to make something from rattan, which was easy to carry everywhere.


Finally, I thought about making bags from rattan. At that time, there were very few references for making rattan bags. I searched on Pinterest and finally found it! I immediately told the idea to my father, who happens to like tinkering, and finally, he said he could.

Our process for making rattan bags is very long. It took 3-4 months of trial and error, until then all my salary savings were used. But the money wasted is certainly not in vain. I am very happy to be able to build this brand.


Although maybe in the future, this brand will also develop and not only create rattan bags, we hope you will continue to support and like our products!